The Ten Feet print collection has been exclusively designed by us and for us. These unique prints are inspired by nature and combined with bold, bright and colourful hints which will make a statement! 

The fabric prints are designed and printed to ensure the highest quality finish. 

We are all about Freedom for Feet - that is why we give you the option to choose your favourite print and combine it with your choice of sandal. We hope they bring you as much joy in wearing them as we had in creating them!



Inspired by the jewel colours of a tropical night garden, the Jewel Obsession print is bold, vibrant and energetic. This extremely popular print is sure to cause a stir!



A print that will make waves! These loud and bright accents are the epitome of summer. A combination of both striking colours and monochromatic designs, are what make this print unique. Wearing it will definitely cause people to stare and it will be so worth it!  



Pink perfection! This dainty and frothy print is inspired by watercolours and is combined with fine floral forms. Wearing this print is sure to have you floating.